The Dreaming Gets An Update!

I’ve finally migrated The Dreaming’s articles from the old Coranto program I was using as a CMS over to WordPress. The conversion (manually created by my friend Chip Johnson ages ago when I first had this idea) went relatively smoothly, though some of the old (and improper) highlighting choices we made had to be sort of “hacked out”.

Some links may not work in older entries but I’ll try to fix them as I find them. Snow, Glass, Apples is now an entry rather than a separate file, as is the Heliogabolous comic below. I’m working on getting the “lightbox” for that working again. I have no idea why it’s not working when other images are. (Got it working!)

WordPress is automatically grabbing a few RSS feeds from Neil’s own site, which you’ll see over on the right.Â

Plans for the future involve the ability for registered users to submit their own news and entries which will then simply have to be activated by an admin to appear on the site. This should make The Dreaming’s news become more timely and not rely on me to get everything done.

WordPress supports entry-tagging, but going through the backlog of entries and tagging them properly is a huge job. I’m pretty sure there are “suggest tags” plugins for WordPress out there. Once I get the rest of the site reorgnized I’ll work on that.