Marvel buys the rights to Miracleman

IO9 reports from the SanDiego ComicCon 2009 – Comics’ Lost Classic Finally Finds a Home?

The big news from Marvel at San Diego this year is that they’ve purchased the rights to the long-lost legendary character Miracleman, home of some of Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman’s earliest published work.

However, the article goes on to say

It’s unclear from Marvel’s announcement whether their new ownership includes the Moore/Gaiman work. Marvel’s announcement talks about Anglo’s involvement in the purchase, but it’s possible that the new agreement only covers new stories done with the character, as the rights to the classic Moore and Gaiman runs were previously believed to be at least partially held by the creators themselves. Most tellingly, Marvel are reviving the character under his original name, Marvelman, which was previously changed in 1985 due to – ironically – concern over legal action from Marvel Comics;

All Neil has said so far is via Twitter:

Re Marvelman: I think it’s great news that Mick Anglo’s creations is going to be seen again, and hopeful that my work & Bucky’s will be back