The Dreaming’s newest home

Has it really been over twenty years since I made my first web page? “The Wayback machine” has a cache of the site from 1998 which mentions tracking hits since June 7th, 1995. I’m fairly sure the first pages tucked away on my “personal web space” with my first ISP, Uniserve Online, showed up around 1993. Those were the frontier days before now nearly-forgotten Netscape Navigator had even hit version 1.0.

Oh hi. I’m Joe Fulgham. I use he/him/his pronouns, and I work on web sites for a living. I made The Dreaming way back then to teach myself HTML. The Dreaming started as hand-coded HTML, then moved to Microsoft FrontPage, then a CMS called Coranto, and finally WordPress. (Big thanks to my friend Darren Esau who helped with two of those cross-platform content transfers!)

Superlibrarian Randi “Lucy Anne” Mason was a constant supply of news and information so I invited her to become a regular submitter. Things slowed down as the Internet matured and Neil eventually got his own site. My drive to keep the site updated slowed as the information I saw a need for became easily available elsewhere. Want every bit of news about Neil Gaiman? Follow his blog/Twitter, set up a Google alert — the Internet’s got you covered.

Domains got sold, and The Dreaming moved to my personal domain for storage.

Last month we stopped doing Caustic Soda. It was one of those things that both came out of nowhere and had obviously been a long time coming. For the first time in six years, I realized once I accepted we were done, I had time to work on other projects.

First up: a return to my roots.

The Dreaming is back as a podcast! My partner Sasja Smolders (they/their/them pronouns, and a first-time reader!) will have an issue-by-issue conversation armed with a mountain of research. The current plan is one podcast per week, but with enough support we can release them even faster!

Our first episode on the issue #1 of Sandman “Sleep of the Just” from Preludes and Nocturnes will be debuting in a few weeks!

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Stay tuned for subscription information.

Oh, and if you’d like to buy us the Absolute Sandman issues we’re missing, here’s my Amazon Wishlist.

That’s not all! I love what we did on Caustic Soda, and I’d like to continue the conversations that happened around learning interesting things. That’s what my Mote of Dust podcast will be about. More about that when it’s closer to its launch time!