Neil on the Nerdist Podcast

Neil Gaiman chats with the nerds about American Gods, describes scenes that were cut from his Doctor Who ep (“The Doctor’s Wife”) and doles out PHENOMENAL advice for aspiring writers. Also, an intense spiritual discussion reveals that we are all Hodgman. Listen here.

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Neil Gaiman Reveals the Future of American Gods

io9 has a great interview with Neil on the upcoming HBO series. Obviously, everyone is really excited about the show and its being six seasons long. Do you have any definite plans or ideas you’re excited about? We want to keep as much of the book in as possible, because […]

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Prisoners of Gravity Archive

Finally!  TVOntario has created an archive for their shows, including their excellent 90’s comic-and-geek interview show Prisoners of Gravity!  They’re all great, but of particular interest to Gaiman fans is their “The Sandman” episode. I really hope this archive grows. The shows are very well done and chock full of interesting […]

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Neil on the Colbert Report

Neil’s wearing the suit rather than the leather jacket and black t-shirt because he had been at his father’s funeral two days prior and didn’t have the leather jacket with him. That explains the tiredness too, but it’s a great interview. Colbert is a huge Tolkien fan, by the way. […]

Read More – Neil Gaiman Exclusive: ‘Coraline’ and More

Author Neil Gaiman talks about Henry Selick’s stop-motion film adaptation of his novel ‘Coraline,’ plus the non-news about ‘Dr. Strange’ and ‘Black Hole,’ and why he’s glad there hasn’t been a ‘Sandman’ movie yet. The interview touches on the rumours that Neil will adapt the Dr. Strange movie, and the […]

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The Dreaming’s First Neil Gaiman Online Chat!

This chat took place on the 30th of October 1998 <Puck> First, I’d like to thank Neil for joining us, and Andy at Avon Books for helping to organize this. <Puck> First question is from Ehich. Ehich, go ahead. <Ehich> On the event horizon chat you talked a bit about […]

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