From the May 16th Variety: NBC Universal’s specialty film arm Focus Features is jumping into the animation game, picking up world rights to the stop-motion pic Coraline from Laika Entertainment, […]


Most of this information is from what is currently listed in Bowker’s Global Books in Print, but it is supplemented from the various Amazon sites. Please note that the release […]

Feature – TIME Europe magazine From the May 1st TIME Europe: An adult in one hand, a book to be signed in the other, the children troop into the theater […]

Temple University Reading: With many thanks to Dan for the write-up!Neil appeared at Temple University at the invitation of Samuel R. “Chip” Delany’s graduate writing course. Initially, a small hall […]

Anansi Boys “Best of the Year” Listings: Top 10 Editors Picks for Science Fiction and Fantasy Borders: Best of 2005 – Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishers Weekly: 10 Best […]

The ‘Good Omens’ New Years Resolutions – 2006 Happy holidays! From the HarperCollins website – Crowley and Aziraphale’s resolutions for the new year, as told to Neil and Terry Pratchett. […]

Stardust Film News From the October 25th Daily Variety:Paramount is in final negotiations with Brit filmmaker Matthew Vaughn (Layer Cake) to direct and produce his adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s adult […]

Coraline Film News From the October 21st Hollywood Reporter:Dakota Fanning has signed on to voice the title character in Laika Entertainment’s animated feature Coraline. Henry Selick (Tim Burton’s The Nightmare […]