Snow, Glass, Apples

Snow, Glass, Apples appears as a benefit book published by Dreamhaven for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Proceeds from this book go to CBLDF. The CBLDF is a non-profit charitable tax-exempt protects first amendment rights for comic book creators retailers, artists, publishers, whose works has been censored. This story […]

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Bibliobytes has a disturbing story by Neil called Eaten. This is *really* disturbing – you have been warned.

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Emperor Heliogabolus

At Neil’s request, I’ve put up scans of Emperor Heliogabolus, Neil’s 24-hour comic. Please note that this is done with Neil’s permission, and he maintains his copyright, and reproduction is strictly prohibited.

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Gaiman Matrix Story

There’s a Gaiman story on the web site for The Matrix, an excellent film despite Keanu Reeves. The site also has other stories/comics that are worth checking out. Thanks to the dozen or so people who emailed me with that story.

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Sandman Movie Script

Well, if they’ve scrapped the original script for the Sandman movie, it’s probably ok to put it online, right? So here you go, Zipped Word document (65k) or formatted text (220k) A big thanks to Constantinos Manglis for this one.

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