Endless Nights Special Preview

Pop Culture Shock has a preview of Endless Nights Special, which is available now (Endless Nights Special, not the preview… well, the preview is available now too, obviously… ahem.)

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Murder Mysteries Art

Neil mentioned it (and LucyAnne & I!) in his journal, but they’re so gorgeous I have to post the link to P. Craig Russell’s Murder Mysteries adapation preview. Wow!

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American Gods North American Cover

As promised, here is the cover artwork for the upcoming North American release of Neil’s new book American Gods. I scanned this in myself from a proof copy. Neil’s name at the top is in gold foil, so I had to adjust the levels for it to look correct (it […]

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American Gods UK Artwork

The cover art for the UK edition of American Gods is available here. Thanks to the Fabulous Lorraine for sending that along. I should have the American artwork shortly.

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‘The Jacket’ Pictures

Madame Melpomene, winner of the CBLDF’s ebay auction for Neil’s leather jacket (henceforth referred to as The Jacket) has posted pictures of people wearing The Jacket to her web site. She notes that she’ll take your picture in the jacket for a measly $10 donation to the CBLDF. Track her […]

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Sandman Commissioned Art Gallery

Some *very* cool artwork is up at Still no “about” page as of this posting, so I’m not sure the background of these pieces, but they’re stunning. Thanks to Scott Conner from the

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