How do I listen?

You can listen here on this site, or through your favorite podcast app. We're available directly on Google Play Music Podcasts.


Other players, including iTunes can subscribe directly to our podcast feed: 

(For why we're not yet in the iTunes store, see our next question)

Why aren't we in the iTunes store?

Apple's "Podcast Connect" refuses the Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate on our web site.

To fix this we'd either have to disable SSL, eliminating the ability to privately browse here, or buy a commercial SSL certificate and jump through their hoops.

Let's Encrypt is a great service for the public.
Podcasting is public broadcasting.
SSL is important.

Apple's other products, OSX and iOS support Let's Encrypt certificates.

"Podcast Connect" simply needs an upgrade... to support free speech and privacy.

You know what to do, Apple.