Borders Authorless Signings

Thanks to Eden and Mark Krukar for passing along some Borders Books information. Eden tracked down the Borders web site at and found this schedule there (please note – these are authorless signings meaning that Neil won’t be there, but they will be showing the entire Neverwhere video, as well as selling pre-signed copies of the Neverwhere hardcover)

Anchorage, Alaska–August 25
Cincinati, Ohio–September 8
Plano, Texas–September 9
Glendale, California–September 9
Minnetonka, Minnesota–September 9
Peabody, Massachusetts–September 10
Boise, Idaho–September 12
North Wilmington, Delaware–September 13
Altamonte Springs, Florida–September 13

Mark phoned the Southcenter Borders and they have an authorless signing schedule for September 9th. No other information found as of yet…