Neil Gaiman in Vancouver – Neil sings! Amanda too!

Neil was in Vancouver yesterday with Amanda Palmer for a show at the Vogue Theatre. Earlier in the day they played a “ninja gig” at the Fluevog Store on Water St. The above video is Neil singing (!!) “You Think I’m Psycho Don’t You, Mama” that I recorded on my […]

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Neil Gaiman sings about Joan of Arc

Neil Gaiman shows his songwriting chops at Minnesota Public Radio’s Wits with a song he wrote as part of the 8in8 project. He performs “The Problem with Saints” with Josh Ritter (@joshritter), John Munson (@munsongs), Steve Roehm, The Ascots and The Brass Messengers. via BoingBoing.

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Blueberry Girl Trailer

…Dull days at forty, false friends at fifteen; Let her have brave days and truth. Let her go places that we’ve never been; Trust and delight in her youth. Ladies of Grace, and Ladies of Favour, And Ladies of Merciful Night, This is a prayer for a Blueberry Girl, Grant […]

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