The Dreaming is a read-along podcast for Neil Gaiman's comic series, The Sandman hosted by Joe Fulgham and Sasja Smolders. Joe and Sasja discuss each issue while revealing obscure references and interesting behind-the-scenes knowledge.

Joe has been a fan of The Sandman since its original run, while Sasja will be reading each issue for the first time just before we record!

Our first episode - The Sandman #1 - Sleep of the Just released on May 24, 2016, with weekly releases since (barring one week of illness). If you'd like to read-along, buy (or borrow, or sign out from your local library) a copy of "Preludes & Nocturnes" (or the premium "Absolute Sandman #1") and read up to the first issue, then listen to the first episode. We won't spoil anything past the issue under discussion.  Join us each week for all the details behind the remaining episodes.

Podcast Feed: https://thedreaming.moteofdust.com/feed/podcast/ 

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Sasja Smolders

Sasja Smolders (sometimes known as Sasja Towe) is a multi-disciplinary performance artist. Their performances incorporate pop culture, live singing, burlesque, gender-exploration, comedy, and anything else they can fit in. Sasja has studied both classical and jazz vocal performance, and has been involved in theatre for over fifteen years.

Sasja's introduction to Neil Gaiman was the Stardust movie, which lead them deep down the rabbit hole of Gaiman novels. Favorites are Neverwhere, Anansi Boys, and Good Omens. This will be Sasja's first experience with The Sandman, providing a fresh, unspoiled voice in the conversation to join those reading along with the show.

Sasja lives in Burnaby on the unceded traditional land of the Musqueam, Squamish, Qayqayt, and Tsleil-Waututh nations with their partner Joe and their Boston Terrier, Loki.

Joe Fulgham

For six years Joe used his tech savvy, scientific skepticism, and improv chops on all facets of Caustic Soda. As creator, host, editor, producer and webmaster Joe felt at home in podcasting. The Dreaming, his first post-Caustic Soda podcast is a return to his online roots.

Joe's love of The Sandman began while snow-trapped up at Cultus Lake, reading his roommate's copies. Instantly a fan, his comic book reading broadened from its former superhero focus, coinciding with his first access to the Internet and personal web space. This lead to his first web site: "The Dreaming", a repository of news and articles on Neil Gaiman's work. It quickly became the not-really-but-as-close-as-there-is-to-official Neil Gaiman web page, lasting until "American Gods" allowed Neil his own space online.

With the launch of the Mote of Dust podcast network, Joe is bringing The Dreaming back, in podcast form!

Joe lives in Burnaby, Canada on the unceded traditional land of the Musqueam, Squamish, Qayqayt, and Tsleil-Waututh nations with his partner Sasja and their Boston Terrier, Loki. He still makes web pages. Some people even pay him for it.

Randi Mason

Librarian Randi "Lucy Anne" Mason was born on November 13th and has been catching up with Neil ever since.

Her becoming a librarian is probably Neil's fault. While doing work for The Dreaming she discovered not only that she loved doing research, but that she was very good at locating answers.

She thinks DREAM COUNTRY is the best starting point for reading SANDMAN. She believes Neil fans share a love of stories and storytelling and otherwise do not fit into any single categorization. These are not unrelated opinions.

She's currently lives in Brooklyn with her husband, his little stuffed bull and her little stuffed sea otter.

Darcy Dee

Darcy is an illustrator and animator currently based out of downtown Vancouver BC, which is where she moved to after acquiring her Bachelor of Arts degree with an extended minor in Visual Arts and an extended minor in English from the University of the Fraser Valley.

She also received her diploma from the Vancouver Film School’s Classical Animation program, as well as a diploma from the Digital Character Animation program.

Darcy can be contacted directly by e-mail.