What Neil’s Doing

Lance “Squiddie” Smith has a few bits of information on What Neil’s Doing:

Desire story in Vertigo: Winter’s Edge. 8-10 pages with art by John Bolton, I think. November.

Dust Covers. Covers to The Sandman series with comments by Gaiman and McKean. Short story how Gaiman met/interacted with the characters from the series. Also November.

Story collection for Avon. This would be the post Angels and Visitation fiction. Maybe some new stuff. Maybe next year.

New novel from Avon. Why can I never get this title right? In the Time of Smoke (It’s Time In The Smoke), is close. Two years maybe.
A Spirit comic story with Eddie Campbell. Kitchen Sink seems to be publishing again, so I’d expect this in the winter.

A Death movie currently in production hell. (From what I understand, this is waiting until after The Sandman movie, which it doesn’t look like will ever be done, so don’t hold your breath) -Puck