Newsweek “Goldfish” Article

Lance “Squiddie” Smith passed along the text and information on the Newsweek article:

Newsweek, December 1, 1997. (It has the parents of McCaughey septuplets on the cover.) The Arts section “Spruced Up Evergreens” by Malcom Jones Jr., pp 76-78.

“The surest sign of the robustness of children’s literature (after the fact that it’s a $1.5 billion business) is that it’s absorbing one trend after another. A few years ago it was smart-aleck books (think ‘The Stinky Cheese Man’). Now smarty-pants is just another option, like white-walls or cruise control. Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean may shock a few grandparents with The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish (Borealis/White Wolf Publishing. $21.99), but in fact the most shocking thing they’ve done in this droll story is to take the illegible look of cutting-edge magazines like Raygun and somehow make it readable.”

The review is on page 77 and there’s a small picture of the book on page 78.