Sandman Movie News

Matthew Burke found this on Dark Horizons:

The Sandman: Writers Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio (“Small Soldiers”, “The Mask of Zorro”) wrote a draft of this comic book series which has been on the film drawing boards for several years now (its been stuck in ‘Development Hell’ for a long time). Now, on Elliot’s site Wordplay, he revealed what has happened to it. Thanks to ‘Brad C.’

“After turning in a draft that we felt was pretty good, very true to the book (Neil Gaiman liked it — good enough for me), we were told the script was so bad, the studio considered it undeliverable. (I probably should mention: between the time we took the assignment and turned it in, Jon Peters got himself attached as producer. Like a parasite. That makes the host sick, and kills it …)

As of this writing, our version of Sandman is dead, dead, dead” – Ted