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Disney delays ‘Princess’ DVD
By Enrique Rivero

UPDATED JULY 24–Buena Vista Home Entertainment has postponed the DVD release of the anime hit Princess Mononoke on the Miramax label after fans objected to the studio’s plans to release the disc in the U.S.without a Japanese soundtrack.

The studio will reschedule the disc’s U.S. release pending the availability of the Japanese track and possibly other bonus materials.

“We were just overwhelmed with the interest in this title… from both retailers and consumers,” said Robert Chapek, Buena Vista senior VP of marketing.

Princess Mononoke will still be released Aug. 29 on VHS (rental price), with the DVD coming in time for the holidays.


From Aint it Cool News and reportedly; this is the more newsy of the bits, the straight opinion piece on Aint It Cool by the same author about why some anime fans feel strongly about the presence of an original Japanese track on anime releases is interesting as well.

Date: Wednesday, June 28, 2000
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“>El Cosmico

If you’re not aware, Buena Vista has announced that the Region 1, US release of Princess Mononoke on DVD will NOT have the Japanese language track. Needless to say, this has greatly upset anime fans, including myself. Michael S. Johnson of is going to speak to and present their collection of messages to a fellow from Buena Vista named David Jessen THIS FRIDAY, who just recently began his position as a liaison for Buena Vista. Now, since he’s new, AND since he’s asked for feedback regarding the inclusion of a Japanese language track on Mononoke AND FUTURE Miyazaki releases on DVD and VHS, we need to be nice to him. Like I said, he’s just started the job. Don’t flame him or send him hate mail. From what I’ve heard, this guy just walked into the situation, so this is probably catching him off guard, and we need to give him time to deal with it properly. So, just let him know how important it is to you that Buena Vista treat Miyazaki’s works with the reverence they deserve. His address is:
David Jessen
c/o Buena Vista Home Entertainment
350 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-4691

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