Neverwhere Review – Southland Times

from the April 7th The Southland Times:
VISITORS to London beware. Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman introduces the reader to the city beneath the city, London Below. It’s a place where those unrecognised by society go – as the author puts it, “the people who fall through the cracks.” A very literal world – Earl’s Court is, simply, an earl’s court, while Knightsbridge becomes the Night’s Bridge, and is to be greatly feared, and travelling on the Underground will take on a whole new meaning.

Into this world falls Richard and, after rescuing one of its inhabitants, he becomes a resident himself. In his struggle to return to London Above, his life is changed forever by the amazing people below – many of whom show shades of both Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams in their characterisation.

Yet Neverwhere is not only comedic but a mystery that becomes more enthralling as each page is turned. One of the best fantasy releases of the past year.

Published by Headline; RRP, $19.95.