Vancouver Signing Details

Thanks to Rhiannon and Jason who sent along the following information about the upcoming Vancouver signing:

  • First, in order to get into the appearance on July 24, you have to have a wristband. In order to get this wristband, you have to pre order AmGods at Virgin, which costs $ 29.59 including tax. This is the ONLY way to obtain a wristband.
  • There IS a limit of 200 wristbands. Only one wristband will be given out with each pre-purchase.
  • There is a limit of “probably” three items per person to be signed.
  • No video cameras are allowed, but regular cameras are.
  • It is a reading and signing.
  • The store will probably close at about 5:00 pm in order to prep for it, and start the line up. They said they will probably keep it closed to the public from 5:00 til the end of the event.