There’s an oh so brief mention in the New York Times, as part of a larger article by Martin Arnold about popular authors writing for children.
To whit, “…HarperCollins will soon have children’s books by Clive Barker, the horrorist writer, and Neil Gaiman, the fantasy writer. The question is, if writers of adult books want to be inhabitants of the children’s book world, do the writers, of necessity, change prose styles? The answer is, they shouldn’t…”.

A very similar mention is made in Jennifer Brown & Jason Britton’s article from the May 20th Publishers Weekly, A Bountiful Crop for Kids:
Neil Gaiman is coming out with Coraline in July, with a 150,000-copy first printing; the audiobook, read by Gaiman, with music by the Gothic Archies, will be released from HarperChildren’s Audio two weeks before the book’s publication.

Also a brief mention in Martin Levin’s Shelf Life column for May 11th in the Globe and Mail.