Books of Magic Redux

Reported by Beau Yarbrough from Comic Book Resources:

Neil Gaiman will help relaunch Books of Magic a title he originally created as a miniseries numerous iterations ago. In that series, the heavy hitters of the DC/Vertigo magical universe showed a young boy, Tim Hunter, that he was destined to be the greatest of them all, and to warn him to ready himself of a coming threat. That coming threat has failed to be an issue in previous series, but will be taking center stage in the new Books of Magic, to launch in early 2004.

“It was sort of sad that the character I’d created … sort of petered out because he had nothing to do,” Gaiman said. He “had several long conversations with [series writer Sy Spencer] about it … and we liked telling the story in Vertigo’s future.”

The war that Tim was prophesied to have a central role in will be the focus of the series, featuring an older and “cooler” Tim Hunter.

We can do a lot of actual damage to characters. Characters that are live right now, we can kill,” Gaiman said. “It doesn’t render anything non-canonical that happened, it just gives it all a point.”

Gaiman co-write the first issue and will be actively consulting on the series.

“The first script is unbelievable,” editor Shelly Bond said. “It’s Tim like you had never imagined that Tim could become”