From the October 14th Sci Fi Wire:
Kristine Belson of Jim Henson Productions told SCI FI Wire that the company is ready to move forward with the feature adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere as soon as they acquire a willing financier. “We are trying to get Neverwhere made,” Belson said. “We have had a frustrating series of stops and starts on that movie. Right now, after being with a financier who we were getting ready to make the movie with, we’re now once again looking for financing.”

The best-selling fantasy novel, originally written as a miniseries for the BBC, explores the mythical realm of London Below, which exists in the sewers and subway tunnels beneath the city. Canadian director Vincenzo Natali (Cube) has signed on to direct, with screenwriter Matt Drake revising the script originally written by Gaiman. “We’re actually just about to go out with a script that no one’s seen,” she said. “We’re going to approach everybody in town and see if they want to finance it.”

Belson remains confident that the quality of the story will lure investors once they have a chance to read the script. “It really draws people in,” Belson said. “I’m convinced that whoever we get with next is finally going to pull the trigger. So we’ll see.”