Charles De Lint has written reviews for both Creatures of the Night (illustrated by Michael Zulli) and Hanging Out with the Dream King, Joseph McCabe’s book of interviews, in the June Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Oh, and the piece in <a href=""Guys Read is called, not surprisingly, “Why Books Are Dangerous”. The collection also features pieces authored (or drawn) by Tony DiTerlizzi, Daniel Pinkwater, Eoin Colfer, Daniel Handler, and Dave (and Liam) McKean.

It is the sort of book you loan out to friends knowing full well you are never going to see it again, (or that you buy for your kids but it never ends up off your nightstand) and I thank the kind folks at Coliseum Books for knowing what I was asking for despite my mangling of Jon Scieszka’s name.

(It’s SHESH-ka, btw).